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Who is Celona for?

Enterprise IT networking professionals and their solution partners.

Wireless connectivity in the enterprise started its journey as a wireless extension of an existing wired access infrastructure: it was regarded as a convenient and best effort quality was good enough. Then with the evolution of Wi-Fi, the devices that “wakeup” frequently and “roam” easily within the four walls of an organization kicked off the enterprise mobility revolution.

We believe that the next phase in this journey will be the need to enable devices and apps that are always connected, demand seamless roaming and take advantage of AI and machine learning to automate business operations. Celona will contribute to this evolution at the wireless edge by making ultra-reliable cellular wireless accessible to enterprise IT, adapting its wireless network to the needs of such applications in real-time, and support cloud-native app integration with its platform.

Celona's Unique Approach

Celona's mission is to enable enterprise IT organizations take enterprise wireless has not yet been. For IT professionals and service providers in the enterprise networking space, unique benefits of Celona's end-to-end solution architecture for wireless communications are:

  • Always-on connections: Devices auto-connect with SIM, and roaming is controlled by infrastructure
  • Dedicated clean spectrum: Frequency assignments are coordinated and channels are re-used
  • Guaranteed SLA for apps: Dedicated slices per app over the air and as microservices at the core
  • Secure and private wireless: SIM cards integrate with device-specific access and roaming policies
  • Integrated AI-Ops: Drastically simpler deployment and operations for cellular wireless

Celona's Audience

Primary customer audience would be IT infrastructure teams in enterprises, primarily starting with logistics, manufacturing, industrial, shipping ports, and similar environments where it has traditionally been considered to be challenging to design and implement wireless connectivity.

Secondary audience within these enterprise would be the line-of-business and C-level IT leaders who care about moving digital transformation projects within their organization forward. Such audiences would have a long-term view and the new generation of AI-powered business apps in mind when they invest.

Customers who have deployed enterprise Wi-Fi in the past to solve connectivity challenges for business critical applications in toughest RF environments - will be able to use Celona to enable enterprise friendly cellular wireless to finally meet the need. Due to increased coverage characteristics of cellular wireless, the number of radios required would be reduced, given the same facility size. With its overlay architecture, the Celona solution would integrate with the existing infrastructure and co-exist with the facility’s Wi-Fi network.

Customers who have partnered with mobile operators in the past to enable cellular wireless within their facility - will be able to keep their data within the boundaries of their private network, access the analytics data relevant to wireless network usage, prevent the need to purchase per device data plans and adapt the core cellular network functions within their private and/or hybrid cloud.

Customers who have built dedicated wired connectivity for business critical systems to ensure privacy will be able to take advantage of the device specific access control implementation within Celona. SIM cards associated to each device ensure their use within the specific locations across the enterprise - and nowhere else. Given Celona’s app-centric architecture, these access policies that are tied to SIM credentials can be extended to include app identity for granular control.

We intend to reach these audiences via managed service providers (MSP) and value added resellers (VAR) - who want to expand their offer within the enterprise networking industry via new use case based solutions, and increase their share of wallet in their respective installed base.

Device manufacturers and app software companies can take advantage of Celona's application centric approach to cellular wireless in the enterprise, expand the number and type of use cases they can effectively address in the enterprise.  

To discuss specific use cases within your environment, feel free to send a note at hello@celona.io or a chat message using the chatbot on this page.  

On-Demand Demo

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