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Celona Orchestrator: The Brains Behind Private LTE / 5G

Celona's Mehmet Yavuz reviews how Celona's solution enables network orchestration for CBRS networks

Celona Orchestrator, face of the Celona platform with a unique dashboard and developer friendly API libraries, automates CBRS based private mobile network infrastructure installation, and ongoing maintenance. Its unique in its ability to centrally manage all aspects of a private LTE / 5G system from SIM provisioning to CBRS access point installation, from basic network monitoring to KPI based insights for application level quality. Its AI/ML libraries keep track of device and app intelligence to ensure highest levels of availability and capacity for private LTE / 5G wireless.

Check out this video to get answers to questions like:

  • What is the role of the Celona Orchestrator in Celona’s solution?
  • How do network engineers interact with the Celona Orchestrator?
  • What are the key unique capabilities of Celona Orchestrator?
  • How does Celona Orchestrator automate system configuration?

Key Takeaways

  • Celona Orchestrator automates CBRS network deployment and controls everything from policy automation to routine maintenance.
  • Organizations can set specific SLAs and network requirements for different device groups and application types, thanks to Celona’s MicroSlicing™ technology.
  • Network engineers can use the Orchestrator dashboard to centrally manage their Celona network or can rely on its API libraries.
  • Machine learning automates much of the day to day operations for the Orchestrator, and simplifies operations at scale.


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