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New Generation of Enterprise Apps

Inspiration for our innovation agenda and heroes of our story.

Celona’s end-to-end solution architecture will make it possible to extend the reach of business critical apps and services. Thanks to Celona's direct integration with an existing enterprise IT infrastructure, its policies and its management operations, such apps can be deployed faster and will be significantly more cost effective to operate.

As the heroes of our story, we look forward to seeing our customers adopt new generation of AI and edge compute powered apps to accelerate digital transformation within their organization. With Celona in place and supported by their enterprise IT teams, business leaders can take a much closer look at new ways to improve the way they do business and automate their operations.

Similar to how the adoption of wired LAN and Wi-Fi solutions have accelerated with the availability of new application models and types, we expect the adoption of cellular wireless connectivity be closely tied to innovations in this area of application development.

Celona Enabling Technologies

Use Cases

Such projects and apps span use cases across many verticals:

  • Logistics & Warehousing: Computer vision to track vehicle / container locations. Connectivity for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).
  • Transportation Hubs: Long range coverage for ruggedized handhelds.
  • Energy & Utilities: Voice communications. Reliable and long-range outdoor coverage.
  • Manufacturing: Real-time data processing at the edge for condition based monitoring and maintenance of production lines. Enabling collaboration robots that partner with worker in accelerating production line performance.
  • Education: AR/VR powered research and development, computer vision for physical security, and real-time video capture.
  • Healthcare: Connectivity for wearables and voice assistants. Support for highly secure and private communications.
  • Enterprise & Government: Computer vision for physical security. Highly secured communications for handhelds and IoT sensor gateways in smart buildings.
  • Venues & Entertainment: Personalized interactive media experiences and spatial computing via VR/AR enabled devices that demand ultra-low latency and high bandwidth transactions across the network.

There might be multiple practical reasons and implementation methods during the effort of enabling these new use cases. Not mutually exclusive, they include the following:

  1. Replacing legacy technologies that lack the efficiency in productivity,
  2. Extending existing business services to new geographies,  
  3. Delivering reliable enterprise wireless connectivity to outdoor spaces,
  4. Processing higher volumes of data sets within an existing business process,
  5. Opening new lanes of secure communication for new type of devices and apps.

Whatever the reason might be, it is clear that these new generation of apps are here to stay and are growing in their value across many verticals of the enterprise segment.

New generation of apps: How do they work?

Enterprise apps that require real-time decision making at the edge demand AI-based learning models in the cloud. Such apps automate traditionally manual tasks at work, and enable workers and employees to immediately get access to useful insights. They eliminate the need for manual data entry, review of countless reports, hours of delay in making a decision critical to business operations.

This “AI-mind” enabled across such applications demand connectivity that’s app-aware, highly dependable and mobile. While Wi-Fi and Ethernet can satisfy 2 out of 3 of these requirements, cellular wireless (especially 5G) running on CBRS spectrum band makes it possible to satisfy them all.

Celona's unique technology adapts to the connectivity requirements for the AI-powered enterprise apps that use “life as the input” - environmental sensing, video analysis, image recognition, among others.

Existing and new apps in this category will benefit from Celona’s technology to protect their integrity and quality over the air, within the network core and across the wide area network - no matter the changing conditions in the physical environment or within the end-to-end enterprise network fabric.

AI-powered apps need to get guaranteed & contention free wireless network resources on-demand and in real-time. Celona's technology adapts 5G cellular wireless network slicing principles and customizes its use per enterprise application. Traditional method of using a single network slice from a macro cellular network for all applications in the enterprise simply won't be a fit: it will lack the ability to support multiple apps with guaranteed service levels and won't be able to integrate with existing role- and device-based access control policies in the enterprise.

There are three components to AI powered apps at work: sensor device, cloud software and edge compute.

Sensor device can be a smartphone / tablet [camera, mic, motion, orientation, environmental sensor], laptop [camera, mic], physical security camera [incl. mic, environmental sensor], automated guided vehicle with camera [incl. mic, motion, orientation], wearables [mic, motion,  environmental sensor], spatial AR computer [motion, orientation, mic, goggles, camera], voice assistants [mic] - that either do not have a way to connect to the wired network or are always mobile when used.

Cloud software enables deep learning for the AI application by taking advantage of data points collected over time, across different deployments and different usage patterns. Behavior, quality, sensitivity and performance of each of the sensory components on the device are monitored and learned from over time.

Edge compute can be enabled on the device itself (e.g. smartphone) or can be deployed within close proximity across the network, powering real-time decision making for these latency sensitive apps. Decisions made will be enabled via the learning models delivered to the edge via the cloud. Accordingly, edge compute services are usually designed and implemented as an extension of cloud software.

For the highest levels of accuracy in predictions, AI and machine learning techniques used by these new generation of apps thrive when the underlying network infrastructure can deliver lowest levels of latency and highest levels of availability. And that's where Celona's solution architecture is the perfect fit.

To learn more about how Celona technology can be applied to improve the productivity and uptime of your business critical apps, send us a note using the chatbot on this page or email us at hello@celona.io.

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