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Extending In-Building Public Cellular Coverage with Celona Neutral Host

Mehmet Yavuz, our CTO, and Puneet Shetty, VP of Product Management & Technical Marketing, go into detail about what Neutral Host is, the architecture, operator partnerships, and key use cases.

In this webcast we will cover:

  • Why public cellular coverage in-building is a problem
  • Celona's Neutral Host solution and its architecture
  • Operator partnerships, including T-Mobile
  • How to engage with Celona on Neutral Host
  • Use cases, including Neutral Host + Private Wireless

“This is a major milestone for the networked world that we believe will be the killer app for bringing private wireless to the carpeted enterprise. For the last several years, we have meticulously engineered a more modern solution to solve the age-old in-building cellular coverage issue that has been the source of so much frustration for companies across nearly every industry.”

- Mehmet Yavuz, Co-founder and CTO at Celona

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