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Microsoft Azure Private MEC and Celona

Enterprise IT leaders who subscribe to application delivery services in the cloud, and increasingly within the four walls of the enterprise, are now in search of IT infrastructure solutions that speak their language. An important step in getting there is to stop thinking about such infrastructure to be made up of many “boxes” but rather to think about them as a collection of “apps” themselves.

Watch Karthik Ananthakrishnan, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Azure Networking, and Andrew von Nagy, Director of Solutions Engineering at Celona, discuss how Celona’s private mobile network solution can run on Azure Private MEC, and answer these commonly asked questions with live demonstrations:

  • How does joint solution enable enterprise customers to run Private LTE networks and edge compute applications side-by-side?
  • Which use cases across enterprise verticals are ideal for the joint Azure Private edge zone and Celona solution?
  • How can enterprise IT teams ensure highest quality and lowest latency for their critical apps at the wireless edge?
  • How Azure administrators can provision Celona’s private LTE resources and edge compute applications on Azure Private MEC?
  • What are the steps in acquiring and deploying the solution within an existing enterprise infrastructure?