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Dirty Jobs / Clean Spectrum

Join experts Brian Swoger of Sierra Wireless and Jeremy Rollinson of Celona, as they share design guidelines for deploying private LTE in some of the most challenging enterprise environments - transportation yards, agricultural sites, logistics warehousing and more. Register to find out:

  • Who does what – Sierra Wireless and Celona – in a private LTE implementation?
  • What are the key use cases driving the need for private LTE in challenging environments?
  • What are the design options for Sierra Wireless client devices on CBRS based LTE?
  • How can enterprise IT managers plan for outdoor CBRS LTE wireless networks?
  • How can critical apps be deployed and protected on CBRS based private LTE?

We hope you'll join us to get the down & dirty tips, tricks, and best practices to get clean CBRS spectrum accessible for a new generation of critical apps.