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Triple Header: Private 5G, Edge Compute and IoT


As enterprises embrace a new generation of digital initiatives, their infrastructure gets smarter with IoT, their compute gets more response with edge compute and their wireless network reaches a level of reliability and reach that has never before seen. Bringing these three technology areas together within an enterprise IT and OT environment is easier than it sounds.

Join Oscar Bexell, Senior Infrastructure Architect and Cygate/Telia, and Puneet Shetty, Director of Product Management at Celona, as they answer key questions below – and walk you through a demonstration of a Celona private mobile network in action, integrated tightly with an edge compute infrastructure, to support IoT data capture and analysis.

  • What are the wireless design considerations and best practices in adopting cellular wireless in the enterprise?
  • How can private mobile network services and edge compute resources be aligned to support new digital initiatives?
  • What are the key success factors in adopting a common edge compute infrastructure for network services and enterprise apps?
  • How can the private 5G network deployed alongside existing Wi-Fi, LoRa, SDWAN and other network services?

ps. In the meantime, you might want to catch Oscar's blog on the topic.