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And that’s a wrap for MWC 2024

"Future First” was the central theme this year, which speaks to the need to bring industries, technologies and communities together and embrace a unified approach to solve real customer challenges by building a technically advanced and reliable solution. We exhibited that vision every step of the way. In collaboration with our strategic partners, we showcased the entire Private 5G ecosystem, and how industrial enterprises across multiple verticals are gaining a competitive advantage with private wireless.

Left: Palo Alto Networks
Right: NTT Data

At one point a new partner approached us saying “Celona is everywhere, so we had to come and meet you guys!” And every where we were. When a customer came for a meeting, we were able to take them on a tour. We would start with a live 5G demo in Hall 1 in the AWS Digitizing Industries room showcasing our deployment with T-Mobile at Stanford Health Care. The tour continued to the Supermicro booth in Hall 2, highlighting our ability to scale and deliver accelerated time to value with features such as zero-touch eSIM delivery. Then on to Hall 4 for two more demos. In the NTT Data booth we were displaying the robust simplicity of “network in a box”, highlighting low-latency computer vision use-cases. In the Palo Alto Networks booth, the focus was on delivering zero-trust security from our integrated solution. The journey spoke to breadth and depth of our private 5G platform and the value of our partnerships with industry leaders across the board.

Stanford Healthcare VP/CTO Christian Lindmark, AWS WW Head of Business Development Chris McKenna, Celona Founder/CEO Rajeev Shah, with the AWS Studio Moderator

And our role as visionaries in the private wireless market was in evidence as well. Rajeev was invited to speak on a panel discussing the issue of when enterprises should start to consider private 5G networks over Wi-Fi networks for their operations. Through anecdotes and customer stories he described what our customers are discovering in real time today. If they are trying to connect staff in an office – they should stick with W-Fi. If they are trying to connect workers and machines across a refinery or a manufacturing plant – they need private 5G. Rajeev also sat down in the AWS Studio for a discussion with Stanford Health Care VP/CTO Christian Lindmark and AWS WW Head of Business Development Chris McKenna to discuss the recent private network/neutral host deployment we worked on together. Christian has big plans for the network. Stay tuned for the video to hear the whole story.

The global forecast for private wireless is projected to grow as fast and furious as the Wi-Fi market did at the turn of the century. By 2027 the private wireless market is expected to top US $8 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 37 percent. At MWC, we witnessed the same optimism and excitement from our conversations with customers, partners, and analysts. They all recognize the immense potential and value private wireless brings to the enterprise. There was one common denominator to all those conversations “Celona shows up in all Private 5G conversations, and you stand out with your enterprise friendly solutions across global markets.”

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