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stc Group Launches Private 5G Solution with Celona

Industrial IoT Comes to Life at LEAP 2024

The minute we wrapped MWC 24, we headed to Riyadh to join our partner stc Group at a renowned industry event: LEAP 2024. Today we are honored to announce a new Private 5G partnership with stc Group, the leading force in digital transformation and the largest telecom provider in Saudi Arabia.

This partnership is set to accelerate a new generation of advanced initiatives for stc Group’s business customers in support of their automation and modernization programs.

The signing ceremony took place at LEAP 2024 – an event characterized as CES+MWC+DAVOS, all wrapped into one. As attendees entered Hall 1, they were surrounded by stc Group’s 5,000-square-foot booth, demonstrating the innovative technologies and solutions they deliver to drive digital transformation in the region, connecting the world through technology. In the Industrial IoT section, Celona was featured as the private network provider powering Connected Mines, Connected Supply Chain, Connected Warehouse, Connected Manufacturing, and more in the Private 5G Zone.

Private 5G, a service offered by stc Group in collaboration with Celona, is a game-changer for enterprises. It allows for the swift setup and expansion of private mobile networks, all managed through a single software stack for enhanced security and ease of use. This turnkey solution is designed to meet enterprises' unique digital transformation needs, leveraging stc Group’s expertise in cloud services, IoT digital services, and cybersecurity integration.

The potential of the private 5G network service was vividly demonstrated by stc Group at the event. A full-scale AGV system in a warehouse showcased a range of smart warehouse management control applications, including safety and security, monitoring, and intrusion detection. Another display highlighted the operational use cases in a remote mine, demonstrating how a satellite network using private 5G for backhaul can revolutionize operations.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone. Our strategic partnership will focus on leveraging the power of stc Group’s Connectivity Service solutions alongside the Celona 5G LAN portfolio. The joint offer will present a business-centric approach to private networks, designed to meet the increasing demand for reliable wireless capabilities, extensive coverage, and seamless connectivity essential for network-dependent business applications and IoT systems.

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