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Basics of Celona Orchestrator for Private Cellular Operations

One of the most important features of a mobile network is the platform in which you can manage the entire network on. Customers require numerous modifications to their network requirements and a management portal should be powerful and be able to balance customization of network capabilities with ease of use. As the face of Celona’s entire platform, the Celona Orchestrator meets these challenges and more.

The Celona Orchestrator is the pinnacle of network management and AI-powered automation for private 5G LANs, wrapped up in a user-friendly package that is smart and intuitive to use.

How does the Celona Orchestrator work?

As the face of Celona’s 5G LAN solution, the Celona Orchestrator works to set up and modify all components across the Celona network. After installing the Celona Access Points and Edge, the Orchestrator automatically activates and configures them for deployment on a campus.

The portal provides access and control over a number of features, ranging from policy automation, device access control, and routine maintenance. In this portal, companies can setup the Edge clusters, access points, SIM cards, device and application groups, and individual MicroSlicing policies.

Customers can manage and set specific rules for devices using Celona SIM cards on the network. In addition, organizations can set SLAs and network requirements for the myriad of device groups and application types being utilized through the unique Celona MicroSlicing technology. All these functions can be utilized and adjusted based on customer demands within the Celona Orchestrator, granting flexibility and accessibility.

Celona Orchestrator: How Does It Work?

How does Celona Orchestrator differ compared to alternatives?

As competing solutions to Celona 5G LANs build out their private mobile networks for enterprise customers, many focus on basic configuration tasks. Those who are integrating multiple product lines into a single solution require custom design for each customer installation, reducing effective scalability of the network infrastructure itself.

Celona Orchestrator greatly outperforms all other management offers for private 5G networks by focusing network operations to key performance indicators (KPI) for critical use cases and applications, offering Celona Assistant to accelerate deployments, and by enabling developers to extend the reach of the platform with its API libraries .

Real-time KPIs are extremely important for enterprises to determine the performance and efficiency of devices and critical applications across their network. Celona Orchestrator tracks KPIs per MicroSlicing policy and can be easily accessed at any time within the portal. For high priority applications running on a campus, keeping track of insights ensures its effectiveness in accomplishing its task and guaranteeing smooth operation.

Using powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Celona Assistant can guide a customer through system configuration and onboarding of the network while also managing network flow and operations after setup. With advanced technology, Assistant automatically runs network and policy operations and, once given customer specific inputs, proceeds to optimize the rest of the requirements needed for devices. The AI-powered Assistant alone sets the Celona Orchestrator apart from other management portals as an intuitive and adaptable platform that offers intelligent features.

A key differentiating factor between the Celona Orchestrator and other competitors’ approaches is Orchestrator’s focus on being developer friendly and ready to use. Celona API is built within the Orchestrator interface, which offers API libraries that can be utilized effectively by developers to provision and scale the entire private mobile network. With Orchestrator’s flexibility, intelligence, and enhanced features, customers are ensured a smooth operating network.

Celona Orchestrator: How Is It Different?

Why does this matter?

To fully unlock the benefits of a private mobile network, the importance of the network platform interface for customers cannot be understated. The Celona Orchestrator, being the face of Celona’s entire ecosystem of hardware and software, is incredibly beneficial for customers by granting customers the freedom to change and adapt, being simple to understand and easy to use, and offering scalability for future purposes.

When choosing and installing a 5G LAN, Celona Orchestrator gives the customers to have the freedom to improve / update their network operations within their control and under their timelines. Network configuration, new application rollouts, new software updates and many tasks for a Celona private mobile network can be directly managed by the enterprise IT and industrial IoT professionals.

After the initial setup, Celona Orchestrator interface is uniquely designed to be accessible and easy to use for network administrators of different backgrounds. Operations can scale to cover many sites, buildings, applications and device groups within the Celona Orchestrator, all while still providing power and precision for change controls with a specified location and use case. This ensures that customers can easily continue to monitor and adjust their network using Orchestrator’s modern web UI without any usability difficulties, and at scale.

Celona Orchestrator also offers the convenience to adapt and expand as time progresses for an enterprise. As network demands continue to grow over time, the Celona 5G LAN can easily be tailored to provision against increased network capacity requirements in real-time. Through software defined policies, existing hardware infrastructure can be reconfigured in real-time to onboard new set of users, devices and applications. This scalability ensures 5G LANs are future proofed and can continue to guarantee secure and efficient network performance across a campus.

Celona Orchestrator: What Are The Customer Benefits?

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