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Celona in Barcelona – It’s All About Private 5G

We’re here in Barcelona for MWC again, a city we found so inspiring that we named our company after it! Once again the show is buzzing with news about private 5G, and once again we are right in the mix.

We continue to build customer traction, and you can see that if you stop by one of the three partner booths where we’re doing live demos. If you’re here, be sure to stop by!

With AWS in Hall CC1, we’re showcasing how a renowned San Francisco Bay Area healthcare provider is leveraging AWS infrastructure and Celona private 5G to deliver secure and reliable connectivity for its staff, addressing challenges they’d been having with interference and coverage. The new private network ensures extensive user control, simplified network operations, and easy scalability for connected staff and healthcare applications. Based on this successful deployment, Celona has been designated an AWS Integrated Private Wireless provider, and our Private 5G LAN solution is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

Celona and Supermicro E2E Architecture

With Supermicro in Hall 2 D35, we’re demonstrating the full value of our end-to-end architecture built on a single software stack that allows us to offer private wireless features that no other vendor in the market today can offer. The most important of these – the core of our architecture that was one of the founding design visions of Celona – is our patented Microslicing features.  Not to be confused with the MNO 5G feature called network slicing, Microslicing occurs within the enterprise’s own private 5G network, completely under their control. It allows them to apply specific policies to specific applications or devices to automatically enforce and track QoS requirements, giving priority to those that are business critical. In other words, enterprises can slice up their private network to allocate resources to meet their business needs.  

Celona Microslicing™

With Supermicro, we are showcasing advanced capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting, and managing devices on the private network.​ The demo will show the latest Supermicro server and Intel Sapphire Rapids technology, emphasizing their importance for the future of Celona Edge and RAN applications. This live demo showcases the seamless setup process on Day 0 and continued Day N operations, highlighting device interop, ease of use, and seamless integration with enterprise IT systems.​ The demo includes eSIM provisioning, management, and integration into Enterprise MDM tools.

In the Palo Alto Networks booth (Hall 4 D55) we are showcasing our integrated solution that addresses robust security for Industrial IoT that we announced in January, demonstrating real time zero trust security in action. The demo shows how Palo Alto Networks receives information about the IMEI/IMSI of the cellular devices correlated with their IP addresses, allowing customers to better identify risks and take action. ​A compromised cellular device is quarantined or deactivated to prevent the device from using precious radio resources and potentially causing further damage.​ Today Palo Alto launched their own Private 5G Security Partner Ecosystem, and of course Celona is named as an inaugural partner. Securing private 5G networks is a key driver for enterprises as they deploy their Industrial IoT programs, and we will continue to form partnerships to bring value to our customers with their preferred security providers.​

And in case you missed it, Shahid Ahmed, EVP of New Venture and Innovation at our strategic alliance partner NTT, posted a blog last week titled How NTT DATA’s Private 5G is Driving Innovation Across Industries. In it he describes the multiple joint Private 5G projects that we’re involved with across the globe, including the most extensive private 5G network in the US for the City of Las Vegas,  smart mining at specialty chemicals company Albemarle, smart manufacturing with Schneider Electric and LyondellBasell, and smart factories with the BMW Innovation Hub in Germany. NTT's trusted consulting services and their solution-driven methodology have been pivotal in aiding customers to streamline the deployment, management, and security of private 5G networks. Here in Barcelona NTT is sponsoring Connected Industries Manufacturing, and they’re demonstrating the latest private 5G use cases with Schneider Electric and others in Hall 4, booth A420.

As Shahid says in his blog, “What started as an emerging opportunity has evolved into a thriving business.” From this wide range of partnerships, demos, and customer stories, I think you can see what is already clear to us. Private 5G is maturing and growing in new directions to address real customer needs. This year it’s actually about more than buzz. It’s about how solutions and ecosystems are expanding to meet real-world use cases. We just celebrated our five-year anniversary, and we are thrilled to see our vision come to life.

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