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Why a 5G LAN Is Important: What It Is & Why It Matters

Wondering why you should look into 5G LAN? We explain what it is, how it works, and why your organization needs it.

Why Should I Consider a 5G LAN for My Organization?

A 5G LAN is a private cellular network solution that is designed to integrate into an organizations’ existing IT infrastructure. It is specifically deployed to meet the high-performance needs of enterprise organizations. Features like automated provisioning, application-level quality of service, and seamless integration give companies the control of a traditional LAN combined with the power and performance of 5G cellular.

Why are 5G LANs different from traditional private 5G networks?

5G LAN architecture provides more control, flexibility, and reliability than traditional approaches to private 5G networks. Below we’ll explore a few key benefits of using 5G LAN architecture to explain why it’s the right choice for your organization.

  • More control. Enterprises own the network and cellular infrastructure, just like Wi-Fi. Organizations have full control over their coverage, performance, and budget.
  • Increased transparency. Unlike traditional approaches that tend to create a separate network infrastructure for private 5G, businesses always know where their data is going and how it’s being processed.
  • Scalability. Enterprises design their network to meet their coverage, latency, and capacity needs without suffering from fees or overages. Cloud networking principles automate device onboarding, system provisioning and network maintenance, enabling faster growth and asset deployment.
  • AI and machine learning. Machine learning improves application and device performance over time, increasing the reliability and effectiveness of each quality of service policy setup for different device groups and applications.
  • Granular QoS. Unlike traditional QoS, administrators can set exact packet error rate, throughput and latency requirements for each application - in addition to being able prioritize different use cases on the same network. These rules are continuously enforced by a 5G LAN to ensure that service level objectives are met.
  • Predictability. With businesses and/or their managed services partners in complete control of the private cellular network, there are no surprises in terms of service availability and privacy.
  • No downtime to others. Implementing a 5G LAN requires no downtime within the existing wireless infrastructure, leaving existing Wi-Fi networks untouched.

Why 5G LANs useful in enterprise environments?

5G LAN architecture is highly versatile and designed for unmatched reliability, security, and flexibility. While the 5G LAN can be used in any network, below are a few specific use cases where the 5G LAN works best.

College Campuses

  • Provides high-performance blanket coverage across the entire campus—both indoor and outdoor accessibility.
  • Reliably segments student and staff networks.
  • Provides the platform to support IoT networks.
  • Works seamlessly alongside existing Wi-Fi networks.

Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Provides business insights through IIoT sensors.
  • Can provide coverage to challenging locations with high interference and large machines.
  • Provides high-speed wireless to vital machines, allowing plants to untether from Ethernet if needed.
  • Can use application specific QoS policies and service level objectives to reliably monitor safety systems and plant performance.


  • Easily integrates with other healthcare applications.
  • Application level service level enforcement ensuresvital patient services remain online—even during peak traffic.
  • Health monitors can securely record data while alerting staff to changing conditions in real time.
  • 5G LANs can support cutting edge technologies such as augumented reality training.

Venues and Stadiums

  • 5G signals can encompass the entire stadium serving both guests and internal systems.
  • 5G LANs can support technology like contactless payments, automated lighting systems, and IoT HVAC units.
  • 5G is the preferred wireless technology for back office applications indoors and outdoors, delivering interference-free operation while the Wi-Fi and public cellular services suffer from congestion as number of visitors at the venue increase.

Why Celona for a 5G LAN?

Within a Celona 5G LAN, cellular wireless access points can be quickly deployed throughout the facility as plug-n-play, managed centrally via cloud based operations, and ensure service level objectives on critical applications, such as throughput and latency requirements, are consistently met. Celona’s industry-first approach enables enterprise organizations to build their own private 4G LTE and 5G networks as a seamless turnkey solution.

With a Celona 5G LAN, out of the box experience is drastically simplified, operations across a large network can be performed at scale, and onboarding can be done alongside existing wireless and IT infrastructure, without interrupting business operations.

To get started, check out a live demo of Celona’s solution by visiting us at celona.io/journey where you can also sign-up for a free trial of a Celona 5G LAN.

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