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Clean wireless spectrum for clinical staff communications

With CBRS, healthcare organizations can now enable a new express lane of wireless communication for staff operated mobile devices.


Taking advantage of the CBRS spectrum in the US, healthcare organizations can now enable a new express lane of wireless communication for staff operated mobile devices. Using Celona's CBRS based private LTE solution next to Wi-Fi, they can enforce specific service levels on latency and throughput performance for  voice and other critical applications - reducing downtime and interruptions.

CBRS spectrum support is already available on popular devices from Apple, Samsung and Google. With its integrated solution, Celona provides rest of the necessary ingredients for healthcare IT professionals to get started. 

Why CBRS for Healthcare?

For the first time, CBRS spectrum allows the use of cellular wireless technology within the enterprise. There is no need for licensing fees and expensive operator contracts. 4G LTE today and 5G in the future allows for low latency operation for mobile devices, in an interference free wireless spectrum. With the ability to deliver up to 25K sqft coverage indoors and 1M sqft coverage outdoors, private LTE/5G networks can be enabled at a rapid pace. 

Next to Wi-Fi, devices dedicated to use LTE/5G in the CBRS spectrum can achieve consistent experience - thanks to data traffic transmissions and mobility handover events being controlled by the CBRS capable access points in the infrastructure.

Business impact

Cost of downtime in healthcare has been increasing - with the median values in the industry tracking above $7,000 per minute. For CBRS based infrastructure deployments, we estimate an ROI timeframe of 3 to 6 months due to increased predictability in wireless connectivity for staff operations.

IT leaders in healthcare have to consider private LTE/5G as part of their technology stack in order to take advantage. Improved accessibility to latency sensitive apps such as virtual desktop, voice over IP, real-time imaging are ideal targets to justify investment in the next generation of mobile devices and CBRS capable infrastructure.

Why Celona?

In addition to making it accessible to IT teams in a single package, Celona prevents the need to deploy a separate network backbone for cellular wireless. Its integrated solution is deployed as an overlay to an existing network - adapting to the configuration and security policies that are already in place. 

Secret ingredient to Celona's unique approach is its application aware solution architecture where existing enterprise policies and quality of service requirements for specific traffic flows can be translated to SLA enforcement over the air and within the private mobile network core.

With its automated enforcement of service level requirements (latency, jitter, throughput and packet error rate) for critical apps, Celona's unique approach elevates private LTE/5G network operations to service delivery rather than basic element management. 

To continue the conversation and to request a live demo of the Celona solution, reach us at hello@celona.io. Or you can apply for a free trial.

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