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Celona & Inseego: 5G-Ready Enterprise Connectivity

Here’s how Celona private LTE / 5G wireless can offer differentiated access to fixed and mobile Inseego gateways.


One misconception regarding the operational readiness of private 5G networks that run on the CBRS spectrum is that there are few endpoint connectivity options available.

While it may be true that many IoT and mobile devices often only support Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet for network connectivity out of the box, there are low-cost and effective ways to connect virtually any IP-capable device to private LTE and 5G networks. Celona and Inseego have partnered to help customers solve their wireless connectivity problems by offering a simple-to-deploy Celona-powered LTE or 5G-capable radio access network (RAN) and fixed or mobile 5G wireless access options from Inseego.

The need for private LTE/5G networks

The reason why enterprise IT architects are so interested in deploying private LTE/5G wireless networks within their organization is because their existing wireless options – typically Wi-Fi and public cellular -- are falling short for one reason or another.

Common Wi-Fi and public LTE/5G deficiencies include coverage dead spots, insufficient speeds and a lack of traffic performance optimization and prioritization. Additionally, the use of carrier 5G services can create data security concerns and may end up becoming incredibly expensive for wireless projects that require the transport of large amounts of data.

A Celona RAN dramatically minimizes or eliminates the shortcomings of either option. For example, because a Celona RAN is privately deployed and operated, sensitive data being transported is always under the control of the organization as opposed to a third-party carrier.

Celona's integrated solution for private mobile networks
Next, consider the fact that a Celona RAN offers carrier-grade wireless connectivity from a clean-spectrum and coverage capacity perspective. This allows for more consistent connections with a far less likelihood of wireless interference.

Finally, Celona’s patented MicroSlicing™ technology provides a layer of traffic performance and prioritization granularity that has never been possible on a wireless network. MicroSlicing™ policies let administrators identify mission-critical traffic streams and apply minimum bandwidth, jitter and latency policies to those data flows across the wireless network. Such policies can be translated to existing enterprise QoS policies once traffic exits the Celona RAN and reaches the corporate LAN or WAN.

How Inseego is helping customers realize their private LTE/5G vision

While IT architects are beginning to understand the inherent benefits of owning and operating a private mobile network within their organization, many raise concerns as it relates to device connectivity. In many cases, the devices that architects wish to connect come with Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet network connection capabilities – but not cellular.

Inseego is focused on solving this problem and has developed a line of LTE/5G Inseego gateways that operate within the private cellular spectrum, such as CBRS in the US. Both indoor and outdoor as well as fixed and mobile versions of Inseego gateways are available and have been tested to operate flawlessly on Celona networks.

From an architecture standpoint, Inseego gateways serve as the LTE or 5G onramp to the Celona RAN. From there, IT technicians simply connect IP-capable endpoints to the gateway using the included Ethernet ports or via a Wi-Fi hotspot that is built-in to the Inseego gateway.\

To catch a live demonstration of the joint Inseego and Celona solution, tune in to this on-demand webinar.
Configuring Inseego gateways for private LTE / 5G wireless connectivity

Once connected, Celona RAN administrators can create Celona MicroSlicing policies for Inseego gateways that prioritize bandwidth and performance characteristics across the wireless infrastructure. The SLA-backed security parameters can then be extended to the LAN using standard network QoS policy configurations and integrate with Inseego gateways. The result is a reliable and constant application delivery experience that can support even the most demanding data stream requirements.

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