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The Retail Space Is Evolving: Thankfully, So Are Your Wireless Solutions

Slice of Celona, Episode 16: Slice of Retail

Check out this video to get answers to questions like: 

  • What is the changing landscape of retail when it comes to wireless technology?
  • What capabilities does private 5G offer in the retail space? 
  • What value does Celona bring to the retail space?

Key Takeaways

  • Retail environments are evolving to include more outdoor spaces, social distancing designs, and areas that focus on product pick-up across large parking areas. Larger locations need to think about how changing their layout or location could impact their wireless connectivity and ultimately their ability to do business.
  • Private cellular provides interference-free coverage to large outdoor spaces across retail locations as well as the retail distribution warehouses and shopping centers where these retailers might be located. This provides businesses much higher uptime and more predictable wireless performance - and ultimately accelerates their operations.
  • Celona's 5G LAN solution is unique in its ability to fit seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure and has been designed with simplicity in mind, at scale across many sites. Laser focus on ease of use and automated operations not only prevent unnecessary downtime due to misconfiguration of network infrastructure, but also empowers IT staff to control resources and maintain service levels to key applications without wasting hours in troubleshooting and maintenance activities.


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