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Discussion Paper

Untethering PLCs in Industrial Manufacturing with Private 5G

Private 5G is transforming the connectivity and management of industrial manufacturing systems, especially Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Our paper provides an in-depth discussion into how this technology is impacting operational efficiency, scalability, and reliability.

Key Insights:

  • Introduction to PLCs: Understand the role and significance of Programmable Logic Controllers in industrial automation.
  • Challenges with Traditional Connectivity: Explore the limitations of wired networks and the critical need for low-latency, high-reliability connections.
  • Advantages of Private 5G: Learn how Private 5G networks overcome modern manufacturing challenges, offering enhanced flexibility, mobility, and security.
  • Real-World Applications: See how leading manufacturers are implementing Private 5G to boost efficiency and reduce operational costs.
  • Deployment Strategies: Compare the deployment of Private 5G in greenfield and brownfield facilities.

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