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Do You Copy? Voice over IP and Push to Talk on CBRS based LTE

LTE wireless technology that allows you to stay on a voice call while driving 65mph on a highway is also now available for use by enterprises, thanks to the availability of CBRS spectrum in the US. CBRS is going to enable enterprises using wireless technology, 4G today and 5G tomorrow, in ways we may have never previously imagined and enterprise voice applications are just the start. Join Andrew von Nagy and Jeremy Rollinson from Celona as they discuss key use cases for voice over CBRS based LTE wireless, and answer few frequently asked questions:

  • What are the common specs for voice communications and latency requirements across different apps?
  • What are the device options available today to enable internal VoIP communications on CBRS LTE?
  • How do you design an indoor CBRS LTE network indoors and outdoors that’s voice-ready?
  • How does a CBRS based LTE network help in keeping track of service level agreements for voice?
  • How will “Neutral Host” help in enabling voice roaming between public and private mobile networks?