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"Private Mobile Networks for the Supply Chain" feat. IBwave


Consumers demand accelerated service online and offline - now more than ever. In response, technology professionals in logistics, transportation, warehousing, and retail are being asked to improve their operations with digital automation, a new generation of team communication tools, remotely controlled physical infrastructure, among others.

The missing piece in this equation has traditionally been a wireless network that delivers on the predictable performance required by such digital initiatives. A wireless network that does not get impacted by constant moves/changes in a warehouse layout, one that can guarantee low latency for voice, and one that can easily offer up to 10x coverage outdoors per access point, compared to Wi-Fi-based solutions.

Tune in to hear our experts, iBwave's Sales Engineer Djamel Ramoul and Celona's VP Marketing Ozer Dondurmacioglu, as they review the design and deployment principles of CBRS based private mobile networks across shipping yards, logistics facilities, retail warehouses, and more. They also answer the questions below along with a live demo of the IBwave solution for wireless network coverage and capacity design:

  • What are the private LTE/5G connectivity options for Automated Mobile Robots / Guided Vehicles?
  • What are the key wireless networking requirements for Push to Talk, Computer Vision, and Video Surveillance?
  • What are the indoor and outdoor RF design principles across warehouses and transportation yards?
  • How does Celona’s 5G LAN solution support apps that demand edge compute, across multiple sites?
  • How can enterprise IT/OT teams integrate Celona’s solution to their existing IT infrastructure?