Your warehouse at its full potential

  • Your own private LTE network with full control
  • SLA guarantees for bandwidth and latency
  • Up to 25K sqft coverage indoors, and 1M sqft outdoors

There has never been a greater opportunity for innovation across the warehousing and logistics industry.

The convergence of automation, digital transformation and a rise in demand for e-commerce is fueling more opportunities for you to capitalize on. And, you can get there with the support of a purpose-built private mobile network.

Highly reliable LTE wireless, customized to guarantee service levels on critical applications and devices.

Designed to cover every corner indoors and out at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

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Infographic Let's Get You Moving and Shipping

As your business moves at the speed of the consumer, you cannot let your wireless infrastructure get in the way. In this infographic, we've tried to translate the technology benefits of private cellular wireless to latest digital initiatives in the logistics industry.

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Webinar On-demand Your Express Lane for Wireless Connectivity

The opening of the new private cellular spectrum options has paved the way for a powerful new option for enterprise wireless: your own private mobile network. Discover what this latest advancement means for your supply-chain and exactly why it is a breakthrough in an industry already well on the road to digital transformation.

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Predictable Wireless Connectivity in the Supply Chain

In this think-tank article, republished from Supply Chain Brain, Celona's co-founder and CTO Mehmet Yavuz explores why private mobile networks are a breakthrough moment for supply chain automation.

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Crafting the Backbone of your Smart Warehouse with Celona

As you invest in digital initiatives to optimize workflows, accelerate fulfillment and reduce costs, Celona's 5G LAN solution enables reliable wireless connectivity at every corner, indoors and out.

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Your Critical Apps and Celona MicroSlicingTM

MicroSlicing is the foundation that translates your enterprise IT and OT infrastructure to private cellular. It is the secret ingredient that makes your private cellular wireless as smart as your apps and devices.

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