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The smartest city yet: The largest private network in the US

Learn how Celona and NTT are working together to deliver the continent's biggest Private 5G LAN network in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is proving that private 5G can be a positive force for society with their upcoming 5G LAN deployment, the largest private network in the US yet. The network - a result of the partnership between NTT Ltd., a leading global IT infrastructure and services company, and Celona, a leader in 5G LAN innovation - is set to make Las Vegas a leading technology hub

Given that private 5G deployments have primarily been confined to smaller geographies such as industrial settings, cities should take note of this announcement. NTT and Celona's unique offering is the first of its kind to open up the potential of private 5G network deployments.

Las Vegas' initiative to deploy the largest open municipal network CBRS deployment in the US provides a compelling story of how high-performance 5G LAN network foundations can transform a city. Unlike public Wi-Fi networks and even CBRS deployments, the Las Vegas 5G private network will span public spaces, serving as an open platform for local businesses, government, and educational institutions to overcome traditional connectivity limitations and develop innovative solutions to benefit the city as a whole.

The network itself will be open and intelligent, allowing any third-party application or end-user device to connect – and then network services can be customised relative to the requirements of existing and new applications.

Proactive city management – Improvements in city management include adding automated capacities and connecting a variety of IoT devices - such as motion-sensing cameras and smart street lighting. The network will also assist law enforcement and allow public spaces, traffic and events to be monitored. Read more about Celona’s path to smarter, more sustainable cities

Automated traffic management -The network will allow parking sensors, digital kiosks, solutions to better manage curb zones for taxis and ride shares, and automation capabilities for enforcing parking and traffic regulations.

Equitable education – The new network will fill the gap around the digital divide by providing equal access to information and services to improve remote learning connectivity for students in the Clark County School District. Watch the Stanislaus State case study

Healthcare improvements – The initial deployment includes plans to connect residents and healthcare services telehealth initiatives while assuring certain data quality and reliability standards.
Learn more about 5G LAN catered for Healthcare

A revenue driver – As new use cases are added, the network will become what NTT refer to as "a framework for revenue generation". Notably, the network will be owned and controlled byLas Vegas, allowing the city to monetize the network as a shared infrastructure as they maintain, expand and enhance their investment in line with the city's needs.

The new private 5G network will make Las Vegas a model for smart cities and businesses worldwide. But Las Vegas' aspirations to be a 'premier US smart city' doesn't stop there. Their new network will be open and able to flexibly allocate network resources to different usage and use case scenarios. This makes the applications endless – think autonomous vehicles, drones and advanced security systems. Whatever the future brings, Las Vegas city-wide private network is ideally positioning itself to address community challenges and create digital opportunities across tourism, hospitality, transportation, education and business.


In a recent episode of our Slice of Celona video series, we explore the use cases, considerations, and opportunities for Private 5G and Celona technology in Smart Cities around the United States.

On-Demand Demo

On-Demand Demo

See a Celona 5G LAN in action and learn the basics

See a Celona 5G LAN in action and learn the basics

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