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What Is a 5G LAN? A Simple Explanation with Use Cases

Wondering what a 5G LAN is? We try to answer in this short article and explain how it can improve your enterprise wireless connectivity.

What Is a 5G LAN?

A 5G LAN is a private cellular network solution for enterprises that integrates into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. This network solution creates a high-capacity, and low-latency wireless network with predictable performance - with a laser focus on enterprise policy and control requirements.

A 5G LAN architecture allows enterprises to benefit from the performance and reliability of 5G in a setting that they fully control. This new level of application-specific control allows organizations to set granular service levels and control their cellular resources in ways not possible through commercial options.

A 5G LAN design leverages plug-and-play technology that integrates directly with your existing IT infrastructure, making it easy to sync wired LAN settings and firewall rules with your private 5G network.

How Is a 5G LAN Different from Other Wireless Networks?

The biggest difference between 5G LAN architecture and other 5G networks is the level of control over your cellular data and resources. Data moves through the network infrastructure that you control and adheres to the specifications you set. This is similar to how enterprises own and use Wi-Fi but on a larger scale.

For instance, hospitals can set application-specific service-level agreements for their ICU health monitors. This ensures that applications always receive the resources they need, on a clean interference-free wireless spectrum, down to exact throughput, packet error rate, latency and quality of service (QoS) requirements.

These specifications can be integrated from the existing network infrastructure directly into the 5G LAN, meaning that devices adhere to the same rules no matter what network they’re on. This not only saves time for network administrators but also makes scaling at an enterprise level more reliable.

Commercial carriers offer 5G service but rely on shared infrastructure and inflexible data plans that often fail to meet the service-level agreements required for enterprise applications. For example, many commercial data plans include hefty overage fees or data throttling which can bring business to a crawl during peak demand. In an environment where performance and reliability are everything, this simply isn’t acceptable.

5G LAN Use Cases

Enterprise wireless networks that demand the highest performance and uptime can benefit from private cellular connectivity. Below are a few specific use cases where 5G LANs can make a difference in a wide variety of industries adopting new digital applications.


Automated robots and AGVs requiring uninterrupted wireless connectivity and performance


Maximum uptime for digital data entry and push-to-talk voice on mobile devices


Ultra-reliable voice communications and extending wireless coverage to outdoors

K-12 Education

Outdoor wireless backhaul to student homes to close the homework gap

Smart Cities

Support for new IoT systems and sensors, emergency response and facility infrastructure


Mobile point of sale systems, video surveillance, other in-store critical business systems


Predictable bandwidth for video streaming and push to talk across very large areas

Higher Education

Outdoor wireless backhaul for fire alarms, school buses and facilities IoT infrastructure


Network segmentation and clean spectrum for backstage staff operations


Long range outdoor wireless for staff operations in challenging environments


Network segmentation for tactical communications with SIM based security

Transportation Yards

Latency sensitive remote control of cranes via real-time video stream


Device level security for smart building systems and outdoor IoT infrastructure

Celona’s 5G LAN Solution

Celona partners with enterprise organizations to plan, design, and launch 5G LANs as a seamless turnkey solution. Celona utilizes cloud based networking principles to make implementing private mobile networks an out-of-box experience. Onboarding can be done alongside existing wired LAN, Wi-Fi LAN and SD-WAN infrastructures, without interrupting business operations.

If you’re looking to build cellular wireless connectivity for your new digital initiatives, we can help. To start your journey with Celona, you can check out our network planner to estimate the size of your Celona network given specific business and technical requirements, and sign-up for a free trial.

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