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Making Private Mobile Networks a Reality in the Enterprise


While enterprises today view Wi-Fi as their primary choice of wireless connectivity, it’s often not enough to deal with vital, latency-sensitive business applications and a flood of IoT devices. As unlicensed LTE/5G hits the market, companies are now actively adopting private mobile networks for a more deterministic network access. Carriers are also actively looking to expand into the private mobile network space but carrier mobile stacks are unwieldy for the enterprise and are often too costly for enterprise IT staff. Something needs to change. It’s these changes we’ll be examining.

Roy Chua, Founder, AvidThink and Özer Dondurmacıoğlu, VP of Marketing, Celona explore the challenges and opportunities facing carriers and enterprises now looking to deploy private mobile networks. Learn how to tackle the important operational and business topics surrounding this emerging market technology such as:

  • Integrating 4G/5G technology with existing enterprise L2/L3 infrastructures
  • Enterprise-friendly cost, deployment, and coverage models
  • Defining and enforcing QoS for each application from end to end
  • Identifying key use cases ideally suited for private 4G/5G enterprise networks
  • Orchestrating the network and managing subscriber access options
  • Converging network access and services within various enterprise edge compute environments